Stats on Declining Volumes

Here are the statistics on volume counts derived from Canada Post’s Annual Reports from 2001-2009:

Transactional Mail volumes

Parcel volumes


Direct Marketing Mail volumes

Flyer Mail Volumes


The “Volume (In Millions)” category highlighted in brown is taken directly from the Canada Post Annual Reports.(1) This data was entered into an Excel spreadsheet program where “Volume Change” and “Percentage” columns were added independent from any Canada Post official literature.

The Annual Reports prior to 2003 were not plainly demonstrated. To achieve these figures in 2001 and 2002, some creativity was required to conclude. It is possible these numbers may be off. Anything from 2003 and later are considered de-facto.

The results in 2009 appear very concerning.

(1) Thanks, once again, to Mark Grossman, a letter-carrier at Canada Post,
for his hard work over many years to report, collate and analyze this data.
This record here is based on his work.
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One Response to Stats on Declining Volumes

  1. Ilene Atkins says:

    Charles, I’m impressed with your depth of information. I’ve been asking these questions, and you seem to have the answers. Very well done. I just want to say, don’t be too alarmed at the 2009 volumes. Remember the market crash in October 2008, and remember how much our volumes had dropped over the winter. We had summer volumes all through January to June 2009. And it’s only been early 2011 that our previous volumes began to return to normal. I might suggest that you look at how the recession affected our number, and how this decline has nothing to do with the internet, but everything to do with the vagaries of the business world. Keep up the good work.

    Ilene Atkins
    Kitchener Letter carrier

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