Canada Post in a Financial Crisis: Who is to Blame?

The sudden financial meltdown at Canada Post; who caused it is a secret, but there are some clues.

Many postal employees would argue that Moya Greene, the president and chief architect of the transformation in 2008 is responsible for the present financial problems. However, no one, whether in Government, any board member of Canada Post, or any major newspaper reporter has ever made such a public accusation. It may be unfair to make such a portrait with so little substantive information.

Perhaps the problem was higher up in the Canadian Government. Rob Merrifield was the Minister of Transport at the time the postal transformation project was rolled out in 2008. He has credited himself as part of the nucleus of the change.(1) The postal transformation was at the beginning of the Conservative government’s Economic Action Plan, where money was issued for various work projects to stimulate the economy. Canada Post’s upgrades in infrastructure would have been a significant contributor to construction, manufacturing of equipment, and vehicle purchases without the Government having to directly infuse cash or resources. However, interference by the Federal Government into the affairs of Canada Post is far from being proven. Did they push Moya Greene into a quick transformation program without proper planning? Did Ms. Greene leave when she realized she was about to be scape-goated about a Federal Government enforced plan that was not in the best interest of Canada Post’s long-term health? It is not known.

Another problem in finding culpability is lack of information. The current president is far quieter than Moya Greene; she spoke often at business luncheons, employee meetings, and in parliament. She also allowed other leaders of the corporation to make speeches as well. However today, under the presidency of Deepack Chopra, there are hardly any documented speeches, nor do any other leadership figures in Canada Post speak candidly, and the 2013 parliamentary records contain few substantial references to Canada Post. No reigning members of Parliament have freely spoken in detail on Canada Post’s affairs throughout the last year. Added to this is Canada Post’s reputation for being the most difficult institution in granting information under the Access to Information act(2), it appears that Canada Post is in an enforced political silence.

Right now, nobody can be blamed. There just isn’t enough information on who were the key decision makers.
1. This relationship is found at Wikipedia and at one time was found at his own Rob Merrifield website.
2. Canada Post still failing, CBC improving on access to information, says watchdog

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