Canada Post President Defends Blueprint

In December, 2013, Canada Post’s President and CEO, Deepak Chopra appeared before a Canadian Parliamentary committee to defend his blueprint for Canada Post’s future. The blueprint is naturally supported by the ruling Conservative Government, and criticized by the NDP opposition. Paul Dewar, an NDP MP, spent 5 minutes questioning Mr. Chopra on the changes. Mr. Chopra refused to engage in answering any of the questions and instead chose to forward his vision of Canada Post through short quotes. The following is the actual exchange captured on television and re-transmitted on YouTube. Mr. Dewar comes across as a person with his own personal axe to grind. However, the response by Mr. Chopra is very indicative of the business model he employs, secrecy. He, as modeled by the majority Conservative Government, do not feel it is the duty of a public servant to be clear and transparent with the citizens on any major decision making.

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