Canada Post is in the process of change. For years its infrastructure has been badly neglected and its operation processes have remain unchanged since the 1960s. Now with a significant decline in volumes and increased competition, Canada Post is at a crossroads. How is it going to implement a smaller, more productive workforce with a cost-efficient modern infrastructure?

This website concentrates on the financial, political, and business dynamics of the change — its impact on the future viability, its employees, and the public.

Canadasmodernpost.wordpress.com is intended to attempt to clarify realities from both a common-sense and substantive way using publicly available factual evidence.

This site is written and supported by Charles Sullivan who is a letter carrier based out of Winnipeg. He has a diploma in International Development, B.A. in Pre-Seminary (Providence College), a past student at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem (where he lived and commuted from the West Bank) and previously worked in the advertising and design industry for ten years.

The opinions expressed are of the author and do not represent those of Canada Post, its affiliates or the Canadian Union of Postal Workers.