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Canada Post’s Delivery Software Needs a Serious Update

Canada Post has many problems with its employees. One of the greatest tensions is not with the President, nor with its directors, or even with its supervisors. It has to do with a piece of software. Specifically, a piece of … Continue reading

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The Government response to the Canada Post Review

On January 24th, 2018, the Canadian Government finally tabled a response to the Canada Post Review. The announcement was posted after a two-phase process begun in May 2016.[1] The initial Review did not come as a surprise, especially after Canada … Continue reading

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Relief Again for Canada Post Solvency Payments

The ongoing pension plan crisis at Canada Post is not going to go away in 2018—at least not until the new contract is ratified in the summer of 2018 and the Canada Post Pension Plan is overhauled. Canada Post was … Continue reading

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The Prime Minister’s Promise for Retaining Defined Benefit Plans

In the lead up to the Federal election, the then candidate for Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, made a bold pledge that Defined Benefit Plans would not be converted to Target Benefit Plans. This statement is according to a brief submitted … Continue reading

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Farewell to Canada Post’s Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra, President and CEO of Canada Post, has announced he is stepping down in March 2018.[1][2] His enduring legacy of Canada Post is that he helped it survive during a tumultuous period. His voice was seldom heard and his … Continue reading

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The Canada Post Pension Plan: the Elephant in the Room

A report on Canada Post’s Defined Benefits pension plan and how it has become the number one issue to the company’s future survival. A look into the problems, challenges and solutions within the most difficult times in the history of … Continue reading

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A Comparison of Canada Post’s Pension Plan

An article by Jennifer Paterson titled, “How Air Canada’s pension took off as Canada Post’s plan sank into deficit.” As found in Benefits Canada — a publication that “is the country’s most influential pension and benefits publication for decision-makers in … Continue reading

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