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A Comparison of Canada Post’s Pension Plan

An article by Jennifer Paterson titled, “How Air Canada’s pension took off as Canada Post’s plan sank into deficit.” As found in Benefits Canada — a publication that “is the country’s most influential pension and benefits publication for decision-makers in … Continue reading

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The Community Mailbox Financial Fiasco at Canada Post

Canada Post announced in 2013 an estimated annual $400 to $500 million in savings by converting door to door to community mailboxes. It was part of their five-point plan to bring Canada Post into an economically stable future.[1] However, a … Continue reading

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Canada Post and the Universal Service Obligation

How much money Canada Post is legislated to lose every year. Canada Post is obligated under the Canadian Postal Service Charter to a uniform pricing structure for any mail services delivered across Canada. Anyone will quickly notice that sending parcels … Continue reading

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CUPW Concerned About Canada Post’s Financial Health

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW), the largest union representing workers at Canada Post, has serious concerns about Canada Post being able to sustain its daily operational expenses and pension obligations. Denis Lemelin, National President of CUPW, outlined his … Continue reading

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Canada Post in a Financial Crisis: Who is to Blame?

The sudden financial meltdown at Canada Post; who caused it is a secret, but there are some clues. Many postal employees would argue that Moya Greene, the president and chief architect of the transformation in 2008 is responsible for the … Continue reading

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The Conference Board of Canada’s Review of Canada Post

An analysis of The Future of Postal Service in Canada, published by the Conference Board of Canada, April 2013, authored by Vijay Gill, Crystal Hoganson, and David Stewart-Patterson. It is a concept that is a good start, but is too … Continue reading

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Canada Post and Profits: 2004–2011

A closer look at Canada Post’s Annual reports on profits from 2004–2011. Canada Post, the media, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, and parliamentarians of every political affiliation, have emphasized Canada Post had a 16 year run of profits until … Continue reading

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