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Describing the Canada Post pension and how it affects the average employee

Relief Again for Canada Post Solvency Payments

The ongoing pension plan crisis at Canada Post is not going to go away in 2018—at least not until the new contract is ratified in the summer of 2018 and the Canada Post Pension Plan is overhauled. Canada Post was … Continue reading

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The Prime Minister’s Promise for Retaining Defined Benefit Plans

In the lead up to the Federal election, the then candidate for Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, made a bold pledge that Defined Benefit Plans would not be converted to Target Benefit Plans. This statement is according to a brief submitted … Continue reading

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The Canada Post Pension Plan: the Elephant in the Room

A report on Canada Post’s Defined Benefits pension plan and how it has become the number one issue to the company’s future survival. A look into the problems, challenges and solutions within the most difficult times in the history of … Continue reading

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More on the History of Canada’s Postal Transformation

Sean Silcoff wrote in April 22, 2008 edition of the Financial Post that Canada Post’s transformation program could jeopardize the overall health of the company pension plan: “But volatile markets mean Ms. Greene may need to conserve cash in case … Continue reading

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What are Solvency and Going Concern Deficits?

The Canada Post Pension Plan 2010 Annual Report declared: “The Plan ended 2010 with an estimated solvency deficit of $3.2 billion and a going-concern deficit of $174 million. These deficits resulted from the sharp declines in global capital markets in … Continue reading

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2009 State of the Canada Post Pension

What is the state of the Canada Post Pension, and what are all the numbers about? Here is Moya Greene’s perspective before a parliamentary committee in 2009 while she was still CEO of Canada Post:(1) Senator Callbeck: So how much of … Continue reading

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