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The Canada Post Pension Plan: the Elephant in the Room

A report on Canada Post’s Defined Benefits pension plan and how it has become the number one issue to the company’s future survival. A look into the problems, challenges and solutions within the most difficult times in the history of … Continue reading

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The Future of Canada Post… Parcels

Where is Canada Post heading? Another report about the transformation of Canada Post. This time by By Sean Davidson, CBC News, October 17th, 2015. It is a start but does not go deep enough into the history, politics, or economics … Continue reading

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A Review of Canada Post’s Five Point Plan

Canada Post’s Five Point Action Plan is the second iteration of the modern post business plan. The first version, which started in 2008, was unsuccessful and this new one adds the elimination of door-to-door delivery to bring it back to … Continue reading

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A Look into the Canada Post Corporation Act

The Canada Post Operation Act and how it relates to the contemporary affairs of the Canadian Post Office. It is puzzling that the Universal Service Obligation is omitted in the Act but clearly defined in the Canadian Postal Service Charter. … Continue reading

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How Canada Post can Save a Bundle

How a slight shift in ideology could save Canada Post over $18 million annually, and win the respect of its network of letter carriers across Canada. Canada Post, since the fall of 2011, has been introducing new equipment, buildings, and … Continue reading

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Canada Post and Profits: 2004–2011

A closer look at Canada Post’s Annual reports on profits from 2004–2011. Canada Post, the media, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, and parliamentarians of every political affiliation, have emphasized Canada Post had a 16 year run of profits until … Continue reading

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Is Canada Post following in the Footsteps of UPS?

A February 17, 2012 Toronto Star interview with Deepak Chopra, CEO of Canada Post, reveals insights into the future of Canada Post, and it is markedly different from the company’s past. Deepak’s vision demonstrates a blueprint that can be found … Continue reading

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