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A Comparison of Canada Post’s Pension Plan

An article by Jennifer Paterson titled, “How Air Canada’s pension took off as Canada Post’s plan sank into deficit.” As found in Benefits Canada — a publication that “is the country’s most influential pension and benefits publication for decision-makers in … Continue reading

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A Review of Canada Post’s Five Point Plan

Canada Post’s Five Point Action Plan is the second iteration of the modern post business plan. The first version, which started in 2008, was unsuccessful and this new one adds the elimination of door-to-door delivery to bring it back to … Continue reading

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Canada Post and Profits: 2004–2011

A closer look at Canada Post’s Annual reports on profits from 2004–2011. Canada Post, the media, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, and parliamentarians of every political affiliation, have emphasized Canada Post had a 16 year run of profits until … Continue reading

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More on the History of Canada’s Postal Transformation

Sean Silcoff wrote in April 22, 2008 edition of the Financial Post that Canada Post’s transformation program could jeopardize the overall health of the company pension plan: “But volatile markets mean Ms. Greene may need to conserve cash in case … Continue reading

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A Brief History of Canada’s Postal Transformation

The modernization of Canada Post — an ambitious plan that started with the ideal of being self-funded with little debt has escalated into billions of borrowed funds and now has straddled the company with serious money issues. A total reverse … Continue reading

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What exactly are the billions for?

Moya Greene,  as then CEO of Canada Post, made a startling financial disclosure on what some of the billions of dollars Canada Post was requesting and collecting was for – and it was not just for modernization. In an April … Continue reading

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